More intimate, Tyas Mirasih kisses Tengku Tezi in front of the family | 1NEWS

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slams the lover into the bed, Tyas Mirasih is very happy

Dream – Tyas Mirasih is no longer ashamed to show her affection with her lover, Tengku Tezi on social media. In fact, many netizens have seen a change in Tyas’s attitude since his new relationship.

As recently seen when Tyas initially made out with Tengku Tezi. Raffi Ahmad’s ex-lover put his lover’s head on his thigh.

“I Love my Boyfriend, but sometimes I Just Want To ..,” Tyas Mirasih wrote in his upload.

Suddenly the intimate pose of Tyas and his lover turned into a smackdown scene. Tyas Mirasih gallantly slammed Tengku Tezi on the bed.

tyas© tiktok

After slamming Tengku Tezi, Tyas looks very happy. He laughed when he saw his lover in pain.

This video is in the spotlight of netizens, many of whom gave positive comments for Tyas.

“I think now Tyas is more like himself…” said the EM2917 account.

“Ka Tyas used to be elegant, now he’s a comedian 😂 bkinnorg happy and laughing,” said the D_ayu account.

“I often see sis Tyas playing the antagonist for the first time, and this is seeing sis Tyas funny so argghh I really like sis Tyass….” said the Dewaaaa account.