Music Bank Broadcast Points Controversy Lim Young Woong VS LE SSERAFIM, Dispatch Steps In! | Kpop Chart

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Recently, the KBS music program caused controversy regarding the broadcast point in the latest episode Music Bank which premiered on May 13, 2022.

Through these episodes, Music Bank announced that LE SSERAFIM had won, which defeated Lim Young Woong by a margin of 846 points, causing controversy regarding broadcast points which were deemed unreasonable by netizens.

Statement from KBS regarding Music Bank’s scoring points (Photo: Dispatch)

In response to this, on May 18, 2022, KBS released an official statement in response to the criticism, “The rating system Music Bank K-Chart takes into account the following points: digital streaming score (60%), TV/radio broadcast score (20%), viewer preference score (10%), album sales (5%), and social media score (5%) . During the judging period for last week’s K-chart, which ran from May 2, 2022 ~ May 8, 2022, Lim Young Woong’s title track “If We Ever Meet Again” was not broadcast on KBS TV programs, KBS radio programs, or other digital content. On the other hand, Lim Young Woong’s other songs including “Trust In Me” and “My Starry Love” received response rates of 2.63% and 2.52%, respectively. However, for the K-chart, the score only takes into account the play of the song for “If We Ever Meet Again”.”

List of songs on several KBS radio broadcasts (Photo: Dispatch)

However, the investigation results from Dispatch showed different results, which searched the track list of every KBS radio broadcast from May 2 to May 8, 2022, which showed the fact that Lim Young Woong’s “If We Ever Meet Again” was played on the radio program. With Kim Hye Young (4 May), Seol Bam with Park So Hyun (4 May), and Lim Baek Chun’s 100 Music (May 7).

The playback of Lim Young Woong’s song through the 3 KBS radio programs has been able to turn the situation around and make Lim Young Woong ahead of LE SSERAFIM with a final score on Music Bank. However, the trot singer did not have a score for his broadcast points, again raising questions about Music Bank’s assessment.

Score from top to bottom: digital streaming, broadcast, audience, album sales, SNS (Photo: KBS)

When contacted by Dispatch, Music Bank was surprised by the results of Dispatch’s investigation and stated that no Lim Young Woong songs were broadcast after checking all programs.

How do you feel about the broadcast score controversy of the KBS music program, Music Bank? (1NEWS)