Phil Jones Iconic Heading Moment Against Arsenal, Remember?

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“This happened before the end of the 2014/2015 season. Check out the video!”

1NEWS – On May 17, 2015 Manchester United face Arsenal in old Traffordon week 37 Premier League 2014/2015. The final score is 1-1. But, seven years later, the game is still remembered. Not for the score, but for the senseless action Phil Jones. Still remember?

United played their last game of the season against Crystal Palace. Predictable, not surprising to see Red Devil will fight against the care team Patrick Vieira.

The reason, MU this season is completely destroyed. They made a change of coach in the middle of the road. The Old Trafford squad also failed to find a solution to the acute problem of not having players willing to sacrifice themselves on the pitch. This is like N’Golo Kante in Chelsea or Thiago Alcantara in Liverpool.

If you’re honest, MU actually has players in that category. He is Jones. The problem is, the England defender has been injured for a long time and has only returned to the field in the last few months. It was his first appearance after being missing for two years.

MU conditions this season will be different if Jones in a fit condition since the beginning of the season. The reason is, history records that he is one of the retainers of MU who is not afraid to sacrifice himself. The proof is on May 17, 2015.

MU supporters will never forget that historic date. At that time, Jones made a unique tackle against Arsenal. Not only is it weird, it’s against the laws of physics, makes no sense, and really shows his totality as a defender.

At that time, Jones didn’t seem to want the MU goal to be uprooted Olivier Giroud. It looks like Jones doesn’t want to be beaten by the French striker.

Imagine, when he slipped and lost control, Jones still had time to try to make the ball that was near Giroud’s feet. He crawled and threw himself forward. Without thinking, Jones blocked the ball with his head. The ball was down at Giroud’s feet, not in the air!

Even though it has been going on for a long time, the footage has gone viral on various social media platforms recently. And, the majority of netizens were amazed by the totality of Jones.

(diaz alvioriki/you)