Profile and Facts of NCT’s Na Jaemin, Rich Only Child with a Social Spirit

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1. na jaemin

Na Jaemin has returned to the attention of the public and Indonesian KPop lovers, because he came to this country with his group mates. Idols with fanbase very big this made it to be trending topic on twitter on the day of his departure to Jakarta.

The man, known by his stage name Jaemin, is a member of the Korean idol group, NCT. His incredible visuals and talent make him center, lead dancer, lead rapperas well as sub vocals on NCT Dream.

He is said to be a member of NCT who comes from a wealthy family and has no siblings. Therefore, he earned the nickname “The Only Son of the Rich”. Even so, his character is far from the stereotype that many people believe about his nickname. Na Jaemin is a very affectionate and social person.

Come on, take a look at the interesting fact profile of this NCT member to get to know him more closely!

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Na Jaemin’s Full Profile and Biography

  • Real name: Na Jaemin,
  • Stage Name: Jaemin,
  • Birthdate: August 13, 2000,
  • Shio: Dragon,
  • Zodiac: Leo,
  • Place of birth: Jeonju, South Korea,
  • Education: Seoul Arts High School (School of Performing Arts Seoul – SOPA), with Mark, Haechan, and Jeno.
  • Height: 176.5 cm,
  • Weight: 60 kg,
  • Blood type: AB,
  • Agency: SM Entertainment,
  • MBTI personality type: ISFJ-T,
  • Shoe size: 265mm,
  • Favorite number: 3,
  • Religion: Jaemin has no religion,
  • Instagram: @na.jaemin0813.

Career Journey

2. na jaemin

2008 : Jaemin’s talent in the entertainment field has been seen since he was 8 years old. In 2008, he starred in commercials as ‘hoop boy‘. The advert is a re-enactment of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which featured boys running while rolling hoops.

2013 : When he was 13 years old, Na Jaemin was discovered by an SM Entertainment talent scout when he was doing volunteer work with his mother. After going through the casting process, he joined the SM Entertainment agency on June 3, 2013.

2014 : It didn’t take long, in 2014, Jaemin started appearing on SM Entertainment’s pre-debut training program, titled SM Rookies. With SM Rookies, since August 2014, Jaemin has participated in the SM Town Live World Tour IV. He also appeared in reality show TV EXO 90 with other NCT colleagues.

2015 : Jaemin was only officially announced as a member of SM Rookies on April 22, 2015. Prior to his debut in NCT, he appeared on the show The Mickey Mouse Club which aired on Disney Channel Korea.

2016 : In August 2016, Jaemin was declared a member of NCT Dream, a sub-unit of the group NCT. He debuted in the unit with single song Chewing Gum.

hiatus : Jaemin went on hiatus from November 2016 to March 2018 in order to receive treatment for his spinal injury. In 2016, he also wore lingual braces (inner braces).

2018 : Na Jaemin returned to greet fans in 2018, by taking part in NCT Dream’s comeback through a single titled Go.

2019 : In 2019, Jaemin made his acting debut and did a lot of solo activities.

2020 : In 2020, NCT Dream comeback with a mini album entitled Reload. Jaemin also debuted as a member of NCT U in October of the same year.

2021–present: NCT Dream comeback with 7 members, including Jaemin. He also rejoined NCT U.

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Songwriting Contribution

3. na jaemin

The following is a list of NCT Dream songs that Na Jaemin is required to write:

  • 2021: Rainbow on Hot Sauce album,
  • 2020: Puzzle Piece in Reload album,
  • 2019: Best Friends on the album Boom,
  • 2019: Bye My First on the album Boom,
  • 2019: 119 in the album Boom,
  • 2018: Dear Dream on the album We Go Up.

Dramas and TV Shows

4. na jaemin

Television show:

  • 2019: Wanna Play? GG! aired on Channel A,
  • 2018 – 2019: My English Puberty 100 Hours aired on tvN,
  • 2015: The Mickey Mouse Club aired on Disney Channel Korea,
  • 2014: EXO 90:2014 aired on Mnet.


  • 2019: Method to Hate You or also known as Way To Dislike You, as Han Dae Gang (main character) aired on JTBC4,
  • 2018: A-Teen as cameo, aired on Naver TV Cast.

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Interesting Facts About Na Jaemin

1. Jaemin and Family

5. na jaemin

Na Jaemin comes from a harmonious family. His mother is a teacher. Jaemin himself has no siblings. However, he is good at expressing affection for fans and those around him (especially Jeno), because he grew up lovingly from his parents.

When he was a child, Jaemin used his parents’ credit card to do things top up game. However, as he got older, Jaemin grew into a person who was responsible for his finances. He also gave a car as a first gift for his parents.

2. Na Jaemin’s childhood

6. Rapper NCT Dream

Jaemin was born in Jeonju then grew up in Seoul and Incheon. He attended Incheon Cheong-il Elementary School, then continued at Incheon Haewon Middle School. Jaemin underwent his high school education at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA).

Jaemin’s favorite school subject is sports education. Meanwhile, his least favorite subject is sociology. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a surgeon because he watched the show Mysteries of the Human Body.

3. Skilled on stage as well as real life

7. Rapper NCT Dream

In the art world, apart from rapping and singing, Na Jaemin is also good at playing the piano. She is also skilled at dancing thanks to the ballet dance practice she did when she was a child.

Off stage Jaemin is skilled at cooking, therefore he often cooks for the other NCT members. In addition, he is proficient in mechanical and financial matters. He is very careful in managing his finances. So he separates between cash savings, retirement savings to housing savings.

Since Jaemin is fluent in English, he is also responsible for communicating in English if needed.

4. Hobby

8. Rapper NCT Dream

Jaemin has a hobby of cycling and playing badminton. He also likes to collect rare shoes and clothes. In addition, he enjoys watching horror films.

5. Favorite Artist

10. nana nct

Jaemin also has a favorite artist. His favorite idols are Kai EXO and Lee Young Dae. He even chose Kai EXO as his idol role model. Jaemin also likes the 2nd generation girl group, Girls’ Generation aka SNSD. Her bias is Tiffany.

Meanwhile, for foreign artists, Jaemin likes Ariana Grande. Not infrequently, this 21-year-old idol recommends Ariana’s songs to her fans.

6. Favorite Food and Drink

11. nana nct

When it comes to food, Jaemin is not a complicated person. The only food he didn’t like was fermented stingrays.

He likes sweets, he even puts sugar cubes near his bed so he can easily reach and eat.

Meanwhile for drinks, Jaemin really likes to drink coffee. He even said that he drank 6 cups of coffee in one day. In contrast to coffee, Jaemin doesn’t really like drinking alcohol and doesn’t like drinking milk.

Regarding the controversial taste in Korea, Jaemin doesn’t like taste choco-mint!

7. Jaemin’s relationship with NCT members

13. nct dream

He is a member of NCT, NCT U, and NCT DREAM. Her role is as center, lead rapper, lead dancer as well as sub vocals on NCT DREAM.

Jeno thinks that Jaemin is the most handsome NCT DREAM member. Because of his good looks, Jaemin is one of the visual lines of NCT. Jeno’s opinion is also reinforced by the fact that Jaemin has been a cover model for WWD Korea no.2 magazine.

Meanwhile, Jaemin chose Jeno as the member who left a deep impression on him because Jeno took good care of him.

Before having a private room, Jaemin had shared a room with Jisung for two years.

8. Enjoys Doing Charity

12. nana nct

2013: As a teenager, helped his mother volunteer to distribute flyers and clean up trash on the Ara Canal in Gyeongin in 2013.

2018: Was a UNICEF volunteer with Super Junior’s Siwon

2018: In the same year, Jaemin and fellow NCT member Lucas Wong joined the charity project “Pink Pony Campaign” organized by Ralph Lauren Corporation as a campaign against cancer.

2019: Together with Jeno, he did charity work in Bantargebang, Indonesia.

9. Na Jaemin and Fans

1. nct dream jaemin

Jaemin is in first place as an NCT member with the largest number of individual fanbases.

This is not surprising, because he also always expresses his overflowing love for fans. Many even think that Jaemin is the best when it comes to serving fans at fan meetings or VLive broadcasts.

Nicknames for Jaemin are Nana, Najaem, Jaemni, Lovely, Fansign Boyfriend, Bambi, Pink Haired Guy, Million Hearts Boy, Sijeuni Sunflower, Bunny, Snowball Bunny, etc.

10. Awards

3. nct dream jaemin

As a child, he was a speed skater who won second place in the national short track category competition.

As an artist, in addition to receiving an award as an NCT idol, Na Jaemin has individually been awarded the best actor at the 2020 Seoul Web Fest Awards for his role in the drama Method to Hate You.

11. Na Jaemin’s Favorite Thing

2. NCT Dream Jaemin

In addition to the things mentioned above, Jaemin likes white and yellow. He also likes Kakao Friends where Ryan is his favorite character.

Jaemin’s favorite animal is a Samoyed puppy, he even said he wanted to pet him.

Those are the biodata, profiles and interesting facts about NCT’s Na Jaemin. No wonder many make it a bias, yes, Parents! Very complete package!


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