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Syaiful Ramadhan got a second chance to defend PSS Sleman. Syaiful strengthened PSS in the second round of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 and will now remain with the Java Eagle team.

The 23-year-old defender was brought in from PSMS Medan last season. His appearance with PSS Sleman can be said to be normal.

The player who was born in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, played 11 times with PSS Sleman. However, he could not contribute significantly in goals or assists.

However, Syaiful Ramadhan is still trusted by PSS Sleman to defend the team next season. Regaining the trust to defend the Javanese Eagle was responded positively by Syaiful Ramadhan.

“Alhamdulillah, we can rejoin PSS Sleman this season. Yesterday joined when entering the second round. Of course, there is a sense of pleasure to be trusted again to be able to defend the pride of the Sleman people,” he said.

Syaiful Ramadhan revealed that he did not hesitate to accept a contract offer from PSS Sleman. Besides being able to return to playing in the highest caste, Syaiful was also amazed by the supporters of the Javanese Eagle.

“Why I chose PSS because we all know that at PSS the fans are extraordinary in providing support and fanaticism to their proud team. That’s the reason I joined here,” he said.

The family factor and the blessing of the wife became a major consideration. The former PSMS Medan captain received the trust of PSS Sleman management to return to wearing the jersey with the temple symbol on his chest.

“I also chose the team with many considerations. I communicated with my wife, besides that there was a team that was ready to work together, I also postponed it for PSS Sleman. Hopefully I can do better in Sleman,” he continued.

Regaining the trust to defend PSS Sleman is well realized by Syaiful Ramadhan. He also explained that he did not only work for professionalism, but also to increase achievement both individually and in a team.

“The personal target is of course to do better for this team than last season. As for the team, hopefully I can make PSS even better, by raising the standings to a higher level than before,” he said enthusiastically.

Pre-season is crucial for every player in a team to adapt to the coach and teammates. Talking about this, Syaiful stated that he was very ready to go through this with PSS Sleman.

“To adapt as players, we have to follow the wishes and instructions of the coach. We have to adapt to the coach’s wishes, hopefully we can adapt quickly with Coach Seto and the coaching team,” he said.


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