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Persib Bandung coach, Robert Rene Alberts, revealed the condition of his foster children after undergoing their first training on Tuesday (17/5/2022).

Persib Bandung is starting to heat up the engine ahead of the 2022-2023 Liga 1 rollout.

After a long holiday, the Persib Bandung players gathered again for practice.

Unfortunately, in this training session the Persib Bandung squad is still not complete.

There were only 21 players who took part in Maung Bandung’s inaugural training agenda.

In total there are seven players who have not joined Persib.

Five of them are Marc Klok, Ricky Kambuaya, Rachmat Irianto, Ferdiansyah and Kakang Rudianto.

The names above are absent because they received a call from the Indonesian national team.

Meanwhile, two other players, namely Ciro Alves and David da Silva are also still absent.

Although not complete, Robert Rene Alberts said he was satisfied with this inaugural exercise.

“This is the first time for a player to touch the ball again after a holiday,” said Robert, quoted from the club’s official website, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

Robert said his players are currently highly motivated.

“They are enthusiastic and know what to expect this season.”

“That’s why we started today positively and did it together,” said Robert.

Furthermore, Robert also talked about Persib’s target this season in League 1.

As is known, last season Persib had to settle for being runner up.

Maung Bandung lost to Bali United who came out as champions of Liga 1 2021-2022.

This season, Robert is determined to bring Persib to end the Persib title fast.

“We are all looking forward to the achievements of this season to be able to achieve better than last season,” said Robert.

“We are still waiting for the results of the medical tests.”

“But from what it looks like so far, they are in good condition,” concluded the Dutch coach.


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