The Law Firm of Kim Garam’s Suspected Victim Starts Moving, HYBE and Source Music Open Up! | Kpop Chart

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The case of Kim Garam’s suspicion of being a bully is getting hotter with firm steps taken by law firm and legal group Daeryun from Kim Garam’s alleged victim, Yoo Eunseo (pseudonym).

through their long statement, it was stated that the alleged victim, Yoo Eunseo was bullied by Kim Garam from late April to early May 2018, making him decide to change schools. Kim Garam was sentenced to 6 hours of special education, while Yoo Eunseo received psychological counseling and advice.

Because of the hatred he continues to receive, Yoo Eunseo is said to be experiencing anxiety attacks and difficulty breathing.

Statement from the law firm of alleged victim Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM (Source: SPOTV)

Yoo Eunseo only wanted to ask for an apology and honest statement from HYBE which was conveyed through an official letter, but it was stated by the law firm that the agency was not paying attention and continued Kim salt’s activities as usual.

Yoo Eunseo had also attempted suicide, which led her parents to decide that Eunseo had dropped out of school. Even Yoo Eunseo’s mother decided to stop all her personal activities so that Eunseo wouldn’t try to end her life again.

In response to the move from law firm Daeryun, HYBE and Source Music immediately released their official statement.

“Hello, this is HYBE and Source Music.

Earlier this afternoon, law firm Daeryun shared their position regarding their client’s statement regarding alleged school violence by Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM, and it was distributed to the media.

First of all, we regret that Daeryun unilaterally announced their position to a large number of media, even though a number of minors were involved in the controversy regarding Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM.

We’d like to say that Daeryun structured and publicized the events that took place in 2018 in a way that made their side look favourable, so we’ll be compiling and sharing our official position soon. Therefore, journalists must refrain from reporting based on one-sided arguments.

Once again, the controversy started with the spread of false information about a member who was about to debut. Judging that this act of spreading false information is dangerous, we immediately took legal action and are still continuing this process.

Even though the member was subjected to malicious attacks from people online who hide behind anonymity, we are not actively going into details because many of those involved in what happened were in their first year of high school and they were minors.

However, the details in the 2018 case are currently being communicated through only one point of view, so we will clarify and release our position as soon as our review of Daeryun’s claim is complete.

Thank you.”

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