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Adopted Children and Families Fight for Inheritance, This is Said by Attorney Dorce Gamalama

Dream – After Dorce Gamalama’s death, his family and adopted children fought over the inheritance. The two parties have actually met, but have not yet reached an agreement.

“On the second day, we did have a meeting, there was discussion, there was indeed a conversation, but so far there has been no agreement between the family and his adopted son,” said Dorde’s niece, Mimi Artati, quoted from Intense Investigation, Thursday, February 24. 2022.

The attorney for the late Dorce, Amelia Mustika, said that his client had prepared everything regarding the inheritance. However, he did not want to reveal the contents of Dorce Gamalama’s will before 40 days.

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“I don’t want to talk right now. So later, he’s only been a few days,” said Amelia.

He also admitted that he was not ready to talk about Dorce’s legacy. “We also have an agreement with the family of Mrs. Dorce and her children, after 40 days, let’s calm down first,” added Amelia. [crosslink_1]