Wear Local Products When You Meet Elon Musk, This is Jokowi’s Shoe Brand!

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jokowi elon musk shoes

Recently, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo or familiarly called Jokowi, was meeting with the famous conglomerate Elon Musk.

In his conversation with Elon Musk, Jokowi was seen wearing a pair of trendy black and white shoes. Who would have thought that the shoes were a local product from Bandung!

Products Made in the Nation’s Children

Source: Instagram/@nah.project

The shoes are original works from Bandung, namely the NAH Project. The shoe is the FlexKnit series which was launched in 2018.

In an Instagram upload, the NAH Project displays a portrait of President Jokowi who met Elon Musk while wearing a pair of FlexKnits.

President Jokowi was also seen wearing a black and white suit that matched his shoes.

Which is still busy being discussed with Twitter residents. FlexKnit is worn by Mr. @jokowi when I met Mr. Elon Musk.

The NAH team doesn’t know what else to say other than thank you and WAWAWAWAWAWAW,”

wrote NAH Project on his Instagram upload.

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Materials That Are Comfortable To Wear

Meet Elon Musk While Wearing Local Products, This Is The Original Jokowi Shoes From Bandung

Source: Instagram/@nah.project

The NAH Project explains the advantages of this FlexKnit shoe product.

FlexKnit is claimed to be lightweight, comfortable, anti-slip, and has a material that doesn’t make it hot.

Some netizens also think that FlexKnit is one of the best seller from the NAH Project.

Popular to neighboring countries

The popularity of the shoes worn by President Jokowi was also followed by a Twitter thread from the CEO of the NAH Project, Rizky Arief Dwi.

He wrote a thread about a historical story about his NAH Project shoes.

This conversation was then retweeted by several Twitter residents from Malaysia who praised President Jokowi for wearing local products to the story of the NAH Project.

Receive Positive Responses from Warganet

Meet Elon Musk While Wearing Local Products, This Is The Original Jokowi Shoes From Bandung

Source: Instagram/@nah.project

Of course, netizens also gave positive responses regarding the appearance of President Jokowi’s shoes when he met Elon Musk.

They also appreciate the NAH Project which has succeeded in traveling abroad!

Many voiced the pride of local products that had begun to be exhibited and even built their own country’s identity.

Some comments also voiced a desire to purchase a pair or two from the NAH Project.

This is proof that it is time for local products to dominate their own country. Parents! Agree?

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President Jokowi Is Known To Often Wear Local Products

jokowi elon musk shoes

Source: YouTube/Joko Widodo

This is not the first time President Jokowi has appeared in public with local products he is wearing.

Reporting from President Jokowi’s YouTube channel, he has 3 NAH Project products because he often wears different types of shoes sneakers.

In addition, President Jokowi also wore local products while attending the racing circuit in Mandalika, Lombok.

The motorcycle jacket worn by President Jokowi is a local brand, Rabbit & Wheels.

Again, Jokowi also wore NAH Project shoes. In addition, President Jokowi also wore an RSV helmet made in Bandung, BELLISIMO gloves made in Banten, and Continmoto pants from Cimahi.


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