26,647 Hotel Rooms Ready to Accommodate Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims | 1NEWS

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Spread over five regions, namely Mahbas Jin, Syisyah, Raudhah, Jarwal, and Misfalah.

Dream – A total of 40 hotels have been prepared to accommodate Indonesian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. The hotels are spread over five areas, namely Mahbas Jin, Syisyah, Raudhah, Jarwal, and Misfalah.

“There are 40 hotels in total, with a total of 26,647 rooms. The closest hotel to the Grand Mosque is 850 meters away and the hotel fell 4,220 meters away,” said Head of the Hajj Affairs Office (KUH) of the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah, Nasrullah Jasam, quoted from Merdeka.comThursday 19 May 2022.

Accommodation in Medina, he said, also has a 100 percent contract. There are 29 hotels with a total of 24,315 rooms. “Everything is in the Markaziah area,” he said.

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The consumption service contract in Madinah has also been completed 100 percent. There are 13 catering companies in Medina. For Mecca, contracts with 19 companies from 31 catering providers have been completed.

“We are targeting the catering contract in Mecca to be completed on May 25, 2022. The total consumption services received by Hajj pilgrims are 75 times in Mecca, 27 times in Medina, and 16 times in Armina,” he said.

Regarding transportation services, Nasrullah said all procurement contracts have been completed.

Both for Salawat Bus and intercity buses. His party has recruited 768 support staff for the Saudi Arabia Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH), or what is often referred to as Hajj seasonal workers (Temus).

“They consist of mukimin (Indonesian citizens living in Saudi), employees of the Hajj technical offices of the Indonesian Consulate General and the Indonesian Embassy, ​​as well as Indonesian students who are studying in the Middle East,” he added.