4 Months Without News, Song Jia Looks Busy In Charity Kitchen | Kpop Chart

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After the controversy over using counterfeit goods from luxury brands, Freezia alias Song Jia has now re-emerged on social media.

Influencers who rocketed his name through the Netflix program, Single Inferno The actor was ‘silent’ from the entertainment world after he was caught using fake goods in several of his promotional posts on social media.

Song Jia apologizes for the controversy via Youtube (youtu.be/BTTTY8d6MsI)

This caused Song Jia to get a lot of criticism from netizensended with an apology from Song Jia via his personal Instagram and Youtube.

Approximately 4 months without news, Song Jia was recently seen participating in charity activities carried out by the Catholic Love and Peace House.

Kang Yewon with Song Jia (instagram.com/catholic_lp)

Not only Song Jia, actress Kang Yewon who is the CEO of the agency that oversees Song Jia also seems busy helping in the kitchen and distributing food to those in need, through photos uploaded by the Catholic House of Love and Peace on May 19, 2022.

The wife of comedian Le Soo Geun, Park Ji Yoon, also posted a photo of her with Kang Ye Won and Song Jia, thanking them for their help.

Song Jia with Park Ji Yoon (instagram.com/yonine_jiyeon)

Through the related story of Catholic House, Jia and Yewon consistently visit them every month and help out in the kitchen to make and provide food to the homeless near Seoul station.

You can see Song Jia and Kang Yewon’s activities through the Instagram post below. (1NEWS)