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Beritabali/ist/Again, Jembrana Resident Dies Allegedly of Rabies.

The rabies virus in Jembrana Regency has again claimed lives. This time, a resident of Pendem Village, Jembrana District, died due to suspected rabies virus infection, Friday (20/05/2022).
The victim is known as Gusti Ayu Parwati (65). From information, before he died the victim had received intensive care.

The victim is known to have had a history of being bitten by a dog in February. Previously, the victim complained of hip pain and frequent urination. Then he was taken to the hospital and then hospitalized on Thursday (19/05/2022).

“Initially I did not suspect the symptoms of rabies, because my wife has high blood pressure. However, from the doctor’s statement, her wife died of complications. Apart from heart attack and diabetes, it was suspected that it was rabies,” said the victim’s husband, I Ketut Gari (77) Friday (20/20). /05/2022).

Regarding this, the Head of the Jembrana Health Office, I Made Dwipayana, said that after receiving information about the news of the death of a resident with a history of being bitten by a dog, he immediately sent a medical team to conduct a search to the hospital where he was treated and the house of the patient who died.

According to him, from the doctor’s statement who did the examination because there was inflammation of the brain. From these symptoms it leads to rabies, but the cause must be further examined on the patient.

“While the inflammation of the brain that leads to rabies, there are no other symptoms that point to rabies,” he explained.

Meanwhile, when the officers traced the patient’s family, no information was obtained, including the dog owner because he went to Karangasem to accompany the patient’s body.

However, information from the kelurahan does have a history of dog bites in early February.

“After the bite occurred, they did not report to the puskesmas,” he explained.

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Editors : I Komang Robby Patria