Chaos Moments in MLS Match, 4 Red Cards Before Disbandment

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“It’s like Indonesia vs Thailand in the 2021 SEA Games semifinals. Check the video!”

1NEWS – The chaos that ensued in the semifinals SEA Games 2021 between national teams Indonesia U-23 with Thailand U-23 apparently also appeared in MLS. Competition Sports Kansas City with Colorado RapidsThursday (19/5/2022) morning WIB, also marked by flooding red card ahead of disbandment.

Match in Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, it was hot from the start. And, reaching the top in the second round of additional time.

Kansas City had a 2-1 lead into extra time. However, things took a turn for the worse when a Colorado player, Austin Trusty, got a second yellow card after a late tackle. Minutes later, Kansas City was also playing with 10 men when Daniel Salloi kick the opponent.

The kick sparked an angry reaction from the Colorado defender, Lucas Esteves. He then pushed Salloi to the ground. Without mercy, the referee immediately gave a red card.

The game then ended nine against nine when another Kansas City player, Andreu Fontas, removed from the field. The former Barcelona player strangled the opponent’s neck right in front of the referee, Drew Fischerin the ninth minute of additional time.

In total, Fischer dealt 11 cards during the game. And, in the end, Kansas City managed to secure a 2-1 win.

Speaking after the game, Kansas City defender, Kortne Ford, explain what really happened. “I think there are some shows that have never happened before. It feels like this (brawl incident) is not good out there,” said Ford, reported by ESPN.

“Whether you win or lose, it feels like we are not collective as a team. Red cards always suck. But when we fight together and we support each other like that, we will receive a suspension and we will deal with it,” added Ford.

“I’d rather be a team and fight together than not have it at all,” concluded the player from the United States (US) was.

(diaz alvioriki/you)