Coki Pardede is Secretly Free of Drug Rehabilitation? This is MLI’s word

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Coki Pardede and Anji together at the Rehabilitation Center (instagram/@duniamanji)

MLI responded to the news that Coki Pardede was free.

Nur Khotimah | Rena Pangesti

Friday, May 20, 2022 | 08:41 WIB

1NEWS – Rumors emerged that Coki Pardede had been free from drug rehabilitation since March 2022. From the rumors circulating, the comedian was no longer undergoing treatment at the Cibubur Hospital. Is this news true?

Asked about the news about Coki Pardede’s release, MLI (Indonesian Funny Council) finally opened its voice. The comedy management that oversees Coki explained that the rumors were not true.

Gianluigi Christoikov as MLI’s Chief Marketing Officer confirmed that Coki Pardede is currently still undergoing the rehabilitation process as needed.

“The response is, so far Coki is still undergoing the rehabilitation process,” said Gianluigi Christoikov when contacted by the media crew on Thursday (19/5/2022).

Coki Pardede and Anji together at the Rehabilitation Center (instagram/@duniamanji)

Meanwhile, the rumors of Coki Pardede’s freedom started from netizens’ comments. Even since March 2022, rumors have emerged that the star of the movie “Crazy Lu Ndro!” is no longer undergoing rehabilitation.

“Uncle Coki is free, I guess.” say account @dim********ta.

“Rispo’s wife once said that Coki was free,” said the account @ade*****yes**yes.

“In the podcast, GJLS was cheated on by his wife, Rigen, Rispo, if Coki wanted to be free,” account word @um*****ek_.

In addition to social media, the GJLS Podcast featuring Hifdzi, Rispo, and the comic wife Rigen also hinted at Coki Pardede’s freedom.

“(Coki is out?) Yes,” said one of them in the uploaded GJLS podcast, March 11, 2022.

As is known, Coki Pardede was arrested by the Narcotics Unit of the Tangerang Metro Police on September 1, 2021 for a drug case. From Coki’s arrest, the police secured evidence in the form of methamphetamine.


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