Coordinating Minister Teten Ensures that in 2022 MSMEs are Ready to Rise from the Pandemic

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ACCURATE.CO The Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (MenkopUKM) Teten Masduki ensured that by 2022 MSMEs are ready to rise from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MenkopUKM Teten Masduki in the Opening event for Creative, Innovative and Sustainable KUMKM Training, Improvement, Capacity in Yogyakarta, Thursday (19/5), said 2022 is the right momentum for Indonesian MSMEs to rise from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Plus the easing of policies from the government regarding health protocols, is expected to further encourage KUMKM to develop creatively, innovatively, and sustainably,” said Minister Teten.

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One of the efforts made in realizing this, KemenkopUKM provides training and capacity building of Human Resources (HR) for KUMKM. MenkopUKM Teten Masduki said that the momentum of the Eid holiday at the beginning of May 2022 showed that the economy was gradually improving, one of which could be seen from economic centers and tourist destinations that started operating normally.

“Slowly but surely the pandemic will turn into an endemic. New schemes, new habits and strategies are needed for Indonesian MSMEs,” said Minister Teten.

On the occasion, Minister Teten was accompanied by the Deputy for Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Siti Azizah, Assistant Secretariat for Economic Affairs and Development Tri Saktiyana, and Head of the Yogyakarta Special Region Cooperatives and SMEs Service Srie Nurkyatsiwi.

MenkopUKM gave an example of MSMEs in Yogyakarta, for example, known as a tourism city, so Yogyakarta also has enormous potential for innovative products. Minister Teten said that the original Yogyakarta cigars could be an alternative to typical products or souvenirs from Gudeg City besides bakpia and batik.

“Every time I go to Yogyakarta I find something that allows me to return to Yogyakarta. The heritage product of cigars that I visited last night was at Taru Martani 1918. Smoking cigars is fun, the nuances of history are strong. Because Indonesia has a long history of tobacco,” said Minister Teten .

Tobacco, which is the main ingredient in cigars, is one of the strongest Indonesian products in the global market. Currently, the tobacco market is growing. Indonesian tobacco through cigars can be a captive market from which Indonesia is developed. However, some obstacles, such as the supply chain, must be addressed through farmer-based tobacco cooperatives.


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