Cupi Cupita Pose Suddenly Confused, Found Deleting Photos of Togetherness with Husband, Marriage for the Age of Corn Down?

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Dangdut singer Cupi Cupita is now in the spotlight. The marriage of a lifetime that was built with Bintang Bagus is reportedly on the brink. The reason is that recently the beautiful woman seemed to pour out her troubled heart and was caught deleting photos of her togetherness with her husband.

In a recent post, Cupi Cupita shared a holiday portrait with his girlfriend. Cupi Cupita poses sticking out her tongue, winking, and using two fingers while insisting that she is not an ‘Indosiar’ girl who likes to be upset.

“Not Indosiar girls. What’s wrong, ladies.. Let’s go. wrote Cupi Cupita on Thursday (19/5/2022).

Warganet stormed Cupi Cupita’s latest post with questions about the integrity of the singer’s household. The reason is, the intimate portrait with her husband that Cupi Cupita often shares on Instagram suddenly disappears.

“Her husband’s photo is gone,” commented the account @yumy***

“How come the photo of her husband is gone. Is it already the end of the game,” replied the account @aldy***.

“How come your husband is not invited,” said the @don *** account.

“After reading the caption, I immediately checked the photos, you know why all the photos of her husband are gone,” wrote the @marli*** account.


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