Doddy Sudrajat Touches the Gala Sky Donation House, Haji Faisal Surprised

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1NEWS – Haji Faisal gave a response to the words of the besan, Doddy Sudrajat, who admitted that he did not get a share of the donation house for his grandson, Gala Sky Andriansyah.

Aunt Adriansyah’s biological father also felt confused by the way the besan thought, who always felt jealous of his family.

“What is the problem?” said Haji Faisal when met in the Tanah Abang area, Central Jakarta, Thursday (19/5).

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Haji Faisal assessed that there was nothing wrong with donating activities for the Gala Sky.

Moreover, these activities will have a positive impact on the future of their grandchildren.

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“That, right, is profitable for Gala. So, for me, where is the problem? Gala now has a house,” he explained.

Haji Faisal confirmed that he would not take any profit from the donation to the Gala Sky.

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He also emphasized that his party was only temporarily staying in the house.

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