Facial Skincare Only Uses Water, Beware You Are Surprised to See These 4 Flawless Adinda Thomas Appearances | 1NEWS

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The style is simple, but it melts.

Dream – Since his appearance in the film ‘KKN di Desa Penari’, Adinda Thomas has been in the spotlight of netizens. Playing the role of Widya, Adinda has succeeded in making netizens drift into the adaptation storyline of a story that has gone viral on Twitter.

In addition to her stunning acting, netizens are also attracted by her sweet face. But did you know that Adinda Dream never overdoes it when she uses skincare.

The alumnus of the London School of Public Relations admitted that he only uses facial cleansers to maintain healthy skin while keeping his face glowing.

“There is no (using skincare), (only) washing my face. Yes, I don’t use skincare,” he said on one occasion Brilio.net.

Although only routinely cleaning the face does not necessarily make Adinda’s appearance less attractive. On the other hand, Adinda, who often uploads photos when she is maximally dressed, can make the adam squeak.

Instead of being curious, just take a look at some of the flawless portraits of the film ‘One for eternity’ as peeked from his Instagram page.

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1. Often Appear Natural

Sister Thomas© Instagram @adindathomas

Photo: Instagram @adindathomas

In addition to having simple skin care habits, she is also often seen using minimal makeup. In this portrait, the cast of the film ‘Perjalanan Pertama’ looks cute with healthy skin. Even though she doesn’t use makeup, her face still looks bright and fresh.

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2. Good at Acting

Sister Thomas© Instagram @adindathomas

Photo: Instagram @adindathomas

Her appearance in the horror film by SimpleMan’s Twitter account looks natural and manages to portray Widya’s outspoken figure. In the film, the appearance of the 28-year-old actress is still cute when she plays a Javanese-blooded girl.

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3. Loves Nature

Sister Thomas© Instagram @adindathomas

Photo: Instagram @adindathomas

On several occasions, the actress from Bandung, West Java was seen on a nature tour, such as going to a waterfall or climbing a mountain. His appearance looks more tomboyish and attractive when doing these activities.

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4. Simple Appearance

Sister Thomas© Instagram @adindathomas

Photo: Instagram @adindathomas

Apart from a number of cute and feminine styled OOTD images, the ‘Magic Hour’ movie player is more often seen wearing simple clothes. Tank tops, sweaters, oversized shirts, and T-shirts are the mainstays on various occasions. Her simple style still makes her appearance look sweet and comfortable in various activities.