Facts about the Mojokerto Toll Bus Swallows Dozens of Victims, Driver Doesn’t Have a SIM until Positive for Drugs – Boombastis

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There was a fatal accident on line A of the Surabaya-Mojokerto toll road on Monday (16/5/2022) morning. The bus carrying 25 passengers crashed into the VMS (Variable Message Sign) pole at KM 712. The bus was badly damaged and claimed many lives.

A total of 13 passengers were found dead at the scene. Then one victim with serious injuries, died. Meanwhile, dozens of others are still receiving treatment at the hospital for serious injuries. The following is a chronology of the deadly bus accident.

The bus swayed until it hit a VMS pole

Ardiansyah’s bus crashes on the Sby-Mojokerto toll road [sumber gambar]

The accident began when Ardiansyah’s bus from Benonowo was traveling from Yogyakarta to Surabaya. The driver was traveling at 100 km/h in the slow lane. Moments later, the bus swerved to the left and hit the VMS pole and overturned. The driver is thought to be tired and sleepy, which caused the accident. Head of Highway Patrol Ditlantas East Java Police AKBP Dwi Sumrahadi has evacuated the victims and will carry out further investigations.

The driver does not have a SIM

The bus driver doesn’t have a SIM [sumber gambar]

The deadly bus driver, Ade Firmansyah, is suspected of not having a SIM A. The police plan to summon the owner of the tourism bus to find out Ade’s status as a driver or just a kernet. In addition, the police in collaboration with the Transportation Agency will investigate the feasibility and operational permits of the PO Ardiansyah bus. Although it has been operating since 2007, operational permits and taxes are the main reasons for the feasibility investigation.

Driver suspected of taking drugs

Bus hits VMS pole [sumber gambar]

The police were suspicious of Ade’s behavior during the incident. Finally, the police did a urine test. It turned out that the examination results of the 29-year-old man were positive for methamphetamine. Ade’s blood sample which was examined at the forensic laboratory showed the presence of drugs. Dirlantas Polda East Java, Kombes Latief Usman promised to thoroughly investigate the origin of the drugs consumed by Ade.

Swallow dozens of victims

Dozens of victims died in bus accidents [sumber gambar]

A total of 14 passengers were declared dead as a result of the accident. The other victims suffered serious injuries. The passengers, who were tourists from Dieng, were immediately treated at the Mojokerto City EMMA Hospital, Citra Medika Hospital, and Gresik Petrokimia Hospital. The victims who died were evacuated to Sakinah Mojokerto Hospital and Wahidin Soediro Husodo Hospital, Mojokerto. The police will immediately inform the family if the data of the victims is valid.

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The bus driver with the number S-7322-UW has the potential to be a suspect. Ade was negligent, causing the victim to be seriously injured and died. Moreover, he was proven to be under the influence of illegal drugs. He faces up to 11 years in prison and a fine of IDR 22 million.