Form of TPPS, Tips for Ganjar Pranowo to Reduce Stunting Rates in Central Java

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1NEWS, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has confirmed the Stunting Acceleration Reduction Team (TPPS), to reduce stunting rates in children, especially in Central Java.

With the inauguration of the TPPS, Ganjar said, the first step that must be taken is to find as much data on pregnant women as possible through the Central Java Gayeng Nginceng Wong Meteng (5Ng) program which was initiated in 2016.

Ganjar said that 20 percent of cases of problematic content were found in Central Java. Therefore, Ganjar encouraged TPPS, BKKBN and universities (one student one client) to assist.

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“About 20 percent of the problematic content. So this 20 percent must be accompanied. It can be BKKBN, or invite universities through one student one client. So one student accompanies pregnant women,” said Ganjar after conducting the inauguration at the Patra Hotel Jasa Semarang, in a statement, Friday (20/5/2022).

Ganjar added, if the data on pregnant women has been collected and someone is accompanying them, then education will be carried out to intervention from the authorities, so as to facilitate access to health for the community.

“If that’s all, educating the public. There is a lot that we can involve, maybe nutrition intervention, welfare, health access. Often this access is not easy and they are silent, this is dangerous. So we need to look for it,” said Ganjar.

Not only that, Ganjar appealed to couples who want to get married so that three months before getting married, ensure their health conditions first so they don’t cause prolonged health problems.

With this prevention as early as possible, Ganjar hopes that the stunting rate or malnutrition in children in the first thousand days can be reduced as low as possible.

“Hopefully prevention can be carried out early. Three months before marriage, it is hoped that husband and wife will have their health checked. If both are healthy, God willing, this can prevent. So we will continue to make improvements to the system,” said Ganjar.


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