Fulfilling the invitation from the Saudi Arabian government, Deddy Corbuzier will perform Hajj with Gus Miftah this year

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Deddy Corbuzier and Gus Miftah

Since 2019, Deddy Corbuzier has embraced Islam. The converting process at that time was guided by Gus Miftah. This year, Deddy Corbuzier is rumored to be one of the public figures invited by Gus Miftah to perform the pilgrimage at the invitation of the Government of Saudi Arabia.

Previously, when Deddy Corbuzier officially became a convert, he admitted that he had received many offers of aliases travel agent endorsement to perform Umrah or Hajj. However, Deddy Corbuzier refused the offer with noble reasons.

Gus Miftah made sure Deddy Corbuzier accepted his invitation to perform this year’s hajj

Deddy Corbuzier and Gus Miftah | Credit: Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube screenshot

The news about Deddy Corbuzier will perform the pilgrimage in 2022 was reported directly by Gus Miftah. Gus Miftah reported that he received an invitation from the Government of Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj in 2022.

In addition, Gus Miftah was also given the authority to invite a number of public figures who have many followers on social media to participate in the pilgrimage.

“I met His Excellency the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia, I was also invited by my wife and I was asked to bring 3 female artists and 3 male artists to go there,” said Gus Miftah, quoted from the YouTube channel Raja TV, Friday ( 20/05).

Furthermore, Gus Miftah mentioned that he had invited Raffi Ahmad, Lesti Kejora, Rizky Billar, Atta Halilintar, Via Vallen, and Deddy Corbuzier.

“So what has been confirmed (departing for Hajj) is only Rizky Billar and Lesti, then Mas Deddy,” said Gus Miftah.

The reason Deddy Corbuzier never refused endorsement Umrah and Hajj

Deddy Corbuzier is welcomed to convert to Islam via www.voice.com

After Deddy Corbuzier officially converted to Islam, Gus Miftah revealed that he and Azka Corbuzier’s father often received offers endorsement Umrah and Hajj from various travel agents. However, Deddy Corbuzier refused the offer.

“Later, I’m afraid that the impression will be as long as possible,” said Deddy Corbuzier, quoted from Tribunnews.

In addition, Deddy Corbuzier also briefly revealed that he wanted the free Umrah opportunity to be given to those who were more ‘needed’. In fact, at that time Deddy also planned to ask the travel agent who offered him to go for Umrah to provide 10 free slots for people in need. Deddy’s decision at that time received a positive response from netizens and several other public figures.

Gus Miftah also added that actually Deddy Corbuzier felt embarrassed when he performed the pilgrimage, but through a program endorsement.

“The Hajj plan, because there used to be. But Deddy, who is hajj or umrah, doesn’t want to be endorsed, it’s a shame that people pay for worship,” said Gus Miftah, quoted from Suara.

Gus Miftah also emphasized that related to his invitation to Deddy to perform the pilgrimage through the invitation of the Government of Saudi Arabia, it was not endorsement. These public figures are purely invited guests of the Government of Saudi Arabia and they are not asked to do anything other than worship.


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