In the past, the attitude of Lesti Kejora when she met Lucinta Luna was highlighted

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Lucinta Luna met Lesti Kejora.  (YouTube/Lucinta Luna TV)

Lucinta Luna once satirized Lesti Kejora on social media because of this viral problem.

Nur Khotimah

Friday, May 20, 2022 | 08:11 WIB

1NEWS – Lucinta Luna met Lesti Kejora at the event gender reveal Ria Ricis’s child. In the past, there was a conflict, Lesti Kejora’s attitude when she met Lucinta Luna was also in the spotlight. What’s it like?

Previously, Lucinta Luna quipped Lesti Kejora after Boy William’s YouTube video went viral. In the video, Lesti mentions that Siti Badriah ranks last as a good-voiced dancer.

Lucinta Luna, who is quite close to Siti Badriah, also felt that she did not accept Lesti Kejora’s words, so she gave a spicy satire on social media.

“Oh, you’re cute, aren’t you? You said that my sister has the ugliest voice? Heh!” said Lucinta Luna who was sitting next to Siti Badriah.

“Do you have a mirror? My sister, Siti Badriah, has the most hits. The viewers are not kidding, more than 100 million! Who said the ugliest voice? If her voice is the ugliest, why is her song always trending overseas,” he continued.

Now that everything has passed, Lucinta Luna is finally reunited with Lesti Kejora at the Ria Ricis event. He also apologized and admitted that he was not comfortable with Rizky Billar’s wife.

Lucinta Luna met Lesti Kejora. (YouTube/Lucinta Luna TV)

Even so, Lesti was heartened to forgive Lucinta Luna who used to insinuate her. The beautiful swordsman said that it was better to let the past events pass.

“Dedek Lesti, dear. I’m sorry. I’m not feeling well. I used to be insulted because I kept it up. Sorry, Dek,” said Lucinta Luna while hugging Lesti Kejora, launching the Lucinta Luna TV YouTube video which aired on Thursday (19/5) /2022).

“No. Alright, that’s it mah already. You’re welcome. Masha Allah, you are healthy, Sis,” continued Lesti Kejora.

This moment went viral on TikTok after being re-shared by a fan account with the name @luv.lesti. Many netizens have highlighted Lesti Kejora’s attitude when she met Lucinta Luna, who used to insinuate her.

Masha Allah you are so kindpraise netizens.Less, O God, teach,said another.For the umpteenth time I was touched by the personality of this child. Masha Allah. And for the umpteenth time I say that it’s not wrong that I idolize Lesti,” added another.

On the other hand, not a few netizens also appreciated Lucinta Luna’s attitude for daring to apologize directly in front of Lesti Kejora for her past mistakes.

Without clarification. He apologized in front of Lesti directlysaid netizens.Salute to LL (Lucinta Luna) because not many people can apologize and admit their mistakes,” added the netizen. “His LL also realized his mistake. Lestinya is also not the vindictive type. Good luck,” concluded netizens.


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