June 2022, Tabanan Bawaslu will have a new chairman – 1NEWS

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newsbali/ist/June 2022, Tabanan Bawaslu will have a new chairman.

In June 2022 the Tabanan Bawaslu is expected to have a new chairman after the previous chairman, I Made Rumada, died due to health problems.
Currently, the process of determining the head of the Tabanan Bawaslu is still at the stage of looking for an interim replacement (PAW).

“It is estimated that in June, a verification and clarification process will also be carried out on candidates,” said the coordinator of the Bali Bawaslu Law, Public Relations and Information Data Division, I Ketut Rudia, Thursday (19/5).

He explained that Law 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections in Article 135 Paragraph 4 Letter C stipulates the mechanism for replacing Bawaslu members between times to be determined from the RI Bawaslu.

“We have brought a file in the form of a death certificate, and it is being observed,” he said.

For names that have the opportunity to become PAW from the late Tabanan Bawaslu Chair I Made Rumada, namely, in serial number four the Tabanan Bawaslu selection I Made Wirnarya who is the chairman of the Selemadeg Panwascam, number five I Putu Rai Artha Sedana the Chair of the Kerambitan Panwascam and number six Putu Mantra Chair Panwascam Marga.