Michelle Obama Gets in the Driver’s Seat for First Time in Years with Ellen DeGeneres – Watch the Hilarious Clip!

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Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama are going for a ride!

On Thursday (May 19), the 58-year-old former First Lady made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she got behind the wheel for the first time in years to take the 64-year-old daytime talk show host on a ride.

Click inside to watch the clip!

The episode started with Ellen sitting in her studio where she tells the audience that Michelle “doesn’t get out much and she hasn’t driven in years, apparently, and she was very, very excited when I took her around the lot on a golf cart. Too excited, really.”

A video then appeared on screen of the duo getting into a golf cart together to go for a ride around the Warner Bros. lot.

At first, Ellen drives around the set, where they check out different sets, including the Friends fountain.

Michelle then gets into the driver’s seat, and as they ride around, she yells, “I’m on the loose!”

Michelle then makes a sudden stop that makes Ellen say, “Oh s–t.”

“I haven’t driven in a while,” Michelle responds.

Unfortunately from there, Michelle‘s driving doesn’t get much better.

During her appearance on Ellen last month, Michelle and Ellen took a nude painting class together!