More Inspirational, Taylor Swift Awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by New York University

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Taylor Swift

Proud news comes from the Diva of the World, Taylor Swift. Singer Shake It Off it just received the title honorary doctorate or an honorary doctorate from New York University (NYU). Taylor Swift attended the procession wearing the same gown and graduation gown as the other NYU graduates.

Taylor Swift also had the opportunity to deliver a graduation speech containing a message of motivation and success in the public spotlight. He also expressed his happiness and pride for the title he received. Not to forget, he is also grateful to be able to share happiness with other NYU graduates.

Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate from NYU for her dedication to the arts

Taylor Swift reportedly just received the title Doctor of Fine Arts honors from New York University (NYU) on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at Yankee Stadium along with other graduates. He managed to get the degree without having studied at NYU or any other university.

The honorary doctorate is obtained by a person not because he is a student, but because he is meritorious and has work that is beneficial to science.

This achievement was obtained by Taylor Swift thanks to an educational institution Taylor Swift Education Center in Country Music Hall of Fame and Museums, Nashhville, Tennessee, United States which was founded by him. The educational institution was founded by Taylor Swift to provide a space of freedom for visitors to celebrate folk and country music.

In addition, Taylor Swift’s record of achievements that she has carved during her work, including the success of getting 11 Grammy Cups, is also a consideration for NYU to give her the title.

Taylor Swift’s speech when she received her degree Doctor of Fine Arts

Taylor Swift gets honorary degree from NYU | Credit: Instagram @nyuniversity

On the occasion of delivering a speech when receiving the title Doctor of Fine Arts the. Taylor Swift shared a story about how she never went to college like other graduates, because she has been solid in her profession as a singer and has been busy holding music tours and concerts from one city to another since she was in high school.

“I attended public high school until grade 10 and finished my education by doing assignments on the airport floor,” said Taylor Swift, quoted from Detikcom.

In addition, Taylor also expressed his pride and gratitude to NYU for the doctoral degree he received. He also expressed his pride for the graduates who have successfully graduated, even though the world conditions are tough due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I want to thank New York University for making me a doctorate, at least on paper,” said Taylor Swift.

As a famous musician, Taylor also motivates all graduates not to be afraid to try new things. He invited all graduates not to hide their enthusiasm for something.


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