Naturalization Process Completed, Jordi Amat: I Hope I Can Return To Indonesia Soon

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“Congratulations to Jordi Amat & Sandy Walsh who have officially become Indonesian citizens.”

1NEWSJordi Amat and Sandy Walsh have completed a series of naturalization processes that they have been undergoing since the beginning of this week. Both have completed the entire series of processes and are scheduled to return to their respective countries soon.

During these few days Jordi and Sandy followed all the scheduled agenda with full commitment. Both put aside their family and personal health conditions to be able to come to Indonesia as part of the naturalization process.

Jordi is known to have flown to Jakarta and left his wife and child who was just born 10 days ago. Meanwhile, Sandy headed to Indonesia in the midst of his shoulder injury.

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While in Indonesia, former player Swansea City The man came to the Spanish embassy on Monday (16/05/2022) and Sandy visited the Dutch embassy on Wednesday (18/05/2022). Both of them have received a no objection document officially issued from the embassy of the country of origin regarding the plan to obtain Indonesian citizenship.

The two footballers also conducted closed interviews with the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) on Monday (16/05/2022) and completed a thorough medical test on Tuesday (17/05/2022). Both medical tests and drug-free tests have been completed.

“All the series of activities carried out related to the naturalization process of Jordi and Sandy, thank God, went smoothly. We have obtained the necessary official documents. The report is good. Hopefully it can be processed further, “said the General Chairperson of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan as reported from the official website PSSI.

The required documents, such as a letter from the country’s embassy along with other supporting documents, were immediately reported to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) today.

Jordi and Sandy said they were happy with their visit to the country. In addition to completing the naturalization process, this visit also took a closer look at Indonesia, including tasting Indonesian food every day and using batik.

“There are no significant problems while we are here. Everyone helped us and was very friendly every day. I hope I can return to Indonesia soon with good news,” said Jordi

After completing all his agenda in Indonesia, Jordi is scheduled to leave for Spain on Thursday (19/05/2022) night. Meanwhile, Sandy would stay a few more days.

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