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Nikita Mirzani will soon be competing in the boxing ring, against Dinar Candy. Therefore, Nikita did not stop practicing even though he was enjoying his holiday in Bali.
Through Instagram reels, Nikita Mirzani again shared his boxing training moments. Not alone, Nikita was accompanied by Fitri Salhuteru, her best friend, who also practiced boxing with her.

Uniquely, Nikita Mirzani and Fitri Salhuteru practice boxing while shouting the name “enemy”. It is not clear who Nikita mentioned, but it sounds the same as “Latief” which is Dipo’s last name.

Fitri Salhuteru himself clearly mentioned the names of Dipo and Ukra when punching his trainer’s gloves. As is known, Dipo Latief and Sajad Ukra are two of Nikita Mirzani’s ex-husbands who are still dealing with them regarding child custody.

“Want to know that someone is offended, don’t go and report to the police. First, patent your name and report it to the police. The appeal is open to those who have the names we mentioned. Go to HAKI now, hahahah,” wrote Nikita Mirzani, Friday (20/5/2022).

Various comments were written in Nikita Mirzani’s latest upload. Pop diva Krisdayanti apparently also wrote a support comment in the upload of Nikita who was practicing boxing.