Performing at Prambanan Jazz 2022, Sandhy Sondoro Bringing Trio Lestari?

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1NEWS – Singers Tompi and Sandhy Sondoro will perform at the 2022 Prambanan Jazz on July 3.

According to the plan, they will carry the name Trio Lestari as well as remember the late Glenn Fredly.

“I am not very secure, whether we will perform a song from Trio Lestari or sing the song of the late Glenn Fredly,” said Sandhy Sondoro when met in the Sudirman area, South Jakarta, Thursday (19/5).

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On the other hand, the singer of the song “Never Dismissed” explained Trio Lestari’s next project. Sandhy said Trio Lestari would collaborate with other singers.

“Currently, we both have plans featuring, but we don’t know who yet,” he said.

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The latest news mentions that it is possible for Gading Marten to fill the Trio Lestari formation as a replacement for the late Glenn Fredly.

“Maybe later (Ivory entered Trio Lestari, ed), why not?” Sandy explained.

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Even though Glenn Fredly has passed away, Sandhy Sondoro will still make music.

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