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Persik Kediri again added their ammunition to face the 2022/2023 competition season. This time, the White Tiger – the nickname of Persik Kediri – proposed to Ferinando Pahabol to complete their strength.

Pahabol was previously one of Persipura Jayapura’s mainstay players. In fact, Pahabol was chosen as the captain of the Black Pearl team.

Persik Kediri coach, Javier Roca, said there were a number of reasons behind his team’s decision to propose to Pahabol. He admitted that he fell in love with the play of the agile player.

He admits, apart from Boaz Solossa, the player who was born on January 16, 1992 is also one of the best talents from Bumi Cendrawasih who is still actively playing at the highest level of national football.

“I’ve followed quite a bit and am interested in the game. I think coaches in Indonesia will also be happy if they have a player like Pahabol in their team,” said Roca, in a release from Persik Kediri’s management, Friday (20/05).

“However, of course we have to respect his contract and after it was finished he also said he had an interest in joining Persik Kediri so I immediately recruited him,” he continued.

Roca also floated his hopes to Pahabol, after officially joining Persik Kediri. He hopes the player can quickly adapt to his team.

“I think Pahabol can help our team and I hope to quickly adapt to our training system,” hopes Roca.

“His pace and goal sense is an advantage he has which we will take full advantage of,” added Roca.

Apart from that, Roca has other hopes for Pahabol. He hopes that Pahabol can become a mentor for two young players from Papua who are also strengthening Persik Kediri, Kelly Sroyer and Jimmy Aronggear.

“Pahabol will be a good role model for Kelly and Jimmy. He can be an example of how to behave well in training, in games and off the pitch,” said Roca. ( Gandakusumah)


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