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Persis Solo officially binds the Ciptadi Ikhwan for League 1 next season.

The Ciptadi Brotherhood was introduced on Friday (20/5/2022).

The player who played as a defender in the second round of Liga 1 defended the Persija Jakarta team.

He appeared in 8 matches and contributed one goal.

Before joining the Kemayoran Tiger team, Ikhwan played for the Liga 2 team Sriwijaya FC.

The 28-year-old has appeared in 12 games.

Ikhwan Ciptadi said he was proud to join Persis Solo.

He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

“Obviously it’s great to be called up to play with Persis again.”

“From the first if there is an opportunity and needed by the team.”

“I definitely want to go home and play here again,” said Ikhwan Ciptadi as reported by from the club’s official website.

The Ikhwan promised to fight to help Persis Solo in League 1 next season.

In addition, support from supporters also makes players more motivated to give their best for the team.

“Of course, if you are given the trust, you will do your best.

“Moreover, I have longed to play at the Manahan Stadium again, of course the support from the fans makes me even more excited.”

“If you play at the Manahan Stadium, the opponent who comes is definitely mentally down,” he concluded.

To this day, Persis Solo officially introduces 9 players.

They are the Ikhwan Ciptadi, Samsul Arif, Taufiq Febriyanto, Muhammad Riyandi, Sutano Tan, Gianluca Pandeunuwu, Gavin Kwan, Kevin Gomes, and Andri Ibo.

The Persis Solo squad will head to Surabaya.

They will take part in a test match titled “Surabaya 729 Game” which will take place on 22 May.


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