Raffi Ahmad allegedly gave a stabbing message to Medina Zein: If you are caught, you will be ashamed

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Raffi Ahmad and Uya Kuya (YouTube/Uya Kuya TV)

Raffi Ahmad gave a striking message for the fraudsters.

Nur Khotimah | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Friday, May 20, 2022 | 13:32 WIB

1NEWS – Raffi Ahmad is suspected of sending a striking message to Medina Zein during a one-on-one conversation with Uya Kuya.

At first, Raffi Ahmad told his first experience of being cheated on to Uya Kuya. In 2015, Raffi Ahmad was tricked into losing hundreds of millions.

“It’s stupid that I easily believe, right, he also really convinced us, right,” said Raffi Ahmad, judging by Uya Kuya’s YouTube on Friday (20/5/2022).

Raffi Ahmad and Uya Kuya (YouTube/Uya Kuya TV)

However, Nagita Slavina’s husband considered that there was an error on his part who missed important things at work.

“It’s also wrong that I don’t use a contract. So, maybe there is a demon through the river,” he continued.

Therefore, Rafathar’s father has become more introspective since he was deceived and suffered hundreds of millions of losses.

“Next If there is work, there is no contract, even though the money has come in, I will definitely return the money,” he said.

On that occasion, Raffi Ahmad allegedly sent a striking message to Medina Zein and other fraudsters.

“You’re tired of living, you don’t have to cheat. Why do you have to cheat? It’s not a blessing, if you get caught being embarrassed, there’s already a reward, this is a state of law,” he concluded.

In this regard, a number of netizens also gave various responses and comments.

“Aa Raffi is too good to be easy to forgive,” wrote one netizen. “A rich but humble artist” another netizen said. “Poor Raffi and Uya are used by MZ,” said another netizen.


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