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1NEWS Central Java – Searching for job vacancies is now easier with the Kendal Karer application launched by the Kendal Regency Government, Thursday (19/5).

This application can be downloaded on the Playstore or can also be accessed through the website.

Currently, there are at least 17 companies that open job vacancies through Kendal Karer.

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The head of the Kendal Department of Industry and Manpower, Cicik Sulastri, said that so far the number of available job vacancies is not proportional to the number of unemployed.

To overcome this, the Kendal Regency Government launched the Exclusive Training Program Ready for the Kendal Regency Community or Achievement.

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Through this program, the community can participate in training and get job placements after the training.

Cicik hopes that Kendal Karer can reduce the unemployment rate. The Kendal Regency Government is also cooperating with a number of companies outside Kendal to increase the volume of job vacancies.

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Deputy Regent of Kendal, Windu Suko Basuki, said that Kendal Karir is encouraged to penetrate into villages so that people can take full advantage of the application.

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