This Human Rights NGO Asks FIFA for IDR 5T for the 2022 World Cup, for what?

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“Where there is sugar, there are ants.”

1NEWS2022 World Cup is in sight. However, the issue of human rights violations that are often raised by international NGOs during the construction of a number of match venues has not yet ended. This time, Amnesty International filed a USD440 million (RP5 trillion) lawsuit against FIFA.

Amnesty International is an international organization based in London and focusing on human rights around the world. This institution from the beginning had a special attention to the actions of the Government of Qatar in preparing for the World Cup.

The human rights NGO has opposed the first biggest football event in the Middle East with serious concerns. They highlighted how the event had used the foreign labor needed to build new stadiums, roads, hotels and other infrastructure facilities inhumanely.

Amnesty International believes that over the past 12 years hundreds of thousands of migrant workers have been employed to build projects related to the World Cup. Many have been exploited and abused.

They claim Qatar still has more control over the workforce and can cancel workers’ visas or file charges against them if they try to change jobs. Amnesty International accuses Qatar of placing the migrant workers at risk of arrest and deportation if they refuse to receive substandard wages or facilities.

In a statement on Amnesty International’s official website, the organization said there were thousands of people who were underpaid, unsafe working and living conditions, and sometimes insurmountable barriers to changing jobs.

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Despite the visit of Amnesty International representatives to Qatar during the pre-tournament planning process, there were still failures in the area of ​​human rights. It is out of control and in thousands of cases. For example, the victim and the worker’s family do not receive compensation for the suffering they have experienced or appropriate compensation for the death they have caused.

“By awarding the World Cup to Qatar unconditionally to enhance the protection of workers’ rights, FIFA has contributed to human rights violations on a significant scale,” Amnesty International said in a statement.

“In line with international standards this means FIFA must ensure redress for past labor abuses related to the 2022 World Cup. This must include workers building stadiums, transport infrastructure, accommodation and other projects related to the tournament,” Amnesty International added.

“FIFA must work with Qatar and other partners to develop programs to provide relief for the hundreds of thousands of workers involved in projects related to the World Cup,” the statement continued.

“To help fund this, FIFA should reserve USD 440 million (Rp 5.8 trillion) for teams participating in the tournament. This can be invested to compensate workers and be an initiative to improve worker protection for the future,” the statement reads again. .

“This is easy to do considering the organization will generate more than USD 6 billion (Rp 87 trillion) in revenue from the tournament and has more than USD 1.6 billion (Rp 23.4 trillion) in reserves,” said Amnesty International.

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