TikToker Mimics Kim Kardashian’s Style When Dressed in Balenciaga | 1NEWS

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After preparing the background for the photo with clothes hangers, black cloth, and yellow duct tape, he began to pose.

He wears a black shirt that has been wrapped in yellow duct tape, sunglasses, and carries a black bag. Yellow duct tape is also used around the neck.

Making Balenciaga Style© TikTok @gendhismo

Photo: TikTok @gendhismo

Her face is made up with bold make-up and red lipstick. Her hair was tied up high and neat. Gendhis’ creativity has received praise from netizens.

” Cool, super creative,” praised @natyashina.

“PECYAAAAHHHH SUHUUUU,” said @rachelgoddard25.

” Dr. all of them, this one is the coolest,” commented @liyastilton.

“Terniatt kereeen!,” said @rullyaustin.