Wanting to go on vacation, Ustad Abdul Somad was refused entry to Singapore until he was detained for an hour. Here’s Why – Boombastis

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Some time ago, it was reported that Ustadz Abdul Somad or UAS was banned from entering Singapore. However, UAS admitted that he did not know the reason for the government’s refusal to come. UAS asked for an explanation regarding the refusal. But according to his confession, the immigration authorities could not explain.

News of the ban on UAS from entering Singapore became trending in twitter. A number of figures also commented on the case. One of them is DPR member Fadli Zon, who said Singapore’s attitude had insulted Indonesian clerics.

Intention to take a vacation, UAS is refused entry to Singapore

UAS departed with his wife, children and friends, on Monday (16/5/2022). They arrived at the Tanah Merah port of Singapore at around 13.30 WIB. UAS said all files were complete. However, he was pulled in by officers and held in a small 1×2 meter room for an hour.

UAS is imprisoned in a small room [sumber gambar]

UAS said that he wanted to go on vacation to Singapore with his family, and it happened to be the house of a close friend from Singapore. UAS also said that immigration officials did not provide any explanation as to why he was not allowed to enter Singapore. UAS demands that the rejection of him must be explained clearly, whether it is because of ISIS, terrorists, or drugs.

The Indonesian Ambassador said that UAS received a warning from Singapore

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Singapore Suryopratomo said that UAS received a warning not to land. This is a no-landing warning issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. ICA considers UAS does not meet the criteria for entry to Singapore.

Portrait of UAS and wife [sumber gambar]

Suryo said ICA did not explain the criteria. They also did not reveal whether UAS was blacklisted. Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights confirmed that there was no problem with the passports of UAS and his family. Their passports are in accordance with the provisions.

Singapore reveals reasons for refusing UAS

UAS disappointed with Singapore’s treatment [sumber gambar]

Through the official website, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore (MHA) explained the reasons for UAS being refused entry to Singapore. UAS is known to spread extremist teachings, giving rise to unacceptable segregation in Singapore’s multi-religious and multi-racial society. One example is the UAS lecture that supports suicide bombing in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition, UAS is considered to be degrading other religions by calling the Christian cross the abode of the devil and calling non-Muslims infidels.

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UAS admitted that he was disappointed with the treatment of Singapore. In fact, according to him, Singapore is just spilling over in the territory of the Malay kingdom. Many netizens supported UAS and criticized Singapore’s attitude.