What is Beauty Bullying? Know the Bad Impact and How to Stop It

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Say “bullying“It must be familiar to many people’s ears. However, you know Parents if at this time it turns out that a lot of things have started happening beauty bullying, whether in the real world or on social media? Unconsciously, it’s not impossible Parents have also done this or even become a victim of it.

So, what is it beauty bullying? Here are some facts from beauty bullying necessary Parents year.

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Fact Beauty BullyingWhen Beauty Becomes the Material of Ridicule

Is One Form of Bullying

Before knowing what it is beauty bullying, Parents must know first bullying actually. According to Nuran Abdat, Clinical Psychologist from Brawijaya Healthcare, bullying is an aggressive action or behavior that is carried out by someone by giving opinions or comments that make others feel intimidated or judged. deed bullying This can have a negative impact on other people.

Now, beauty bullying this is one form bullying that “attacks” a person’s physique, beauty, or appearance. This bad action can be done verbally or through comments on social media.

Usually, beauty bullying in the form of ridicule or insult to the shape of a person’s body or face. For example, “It’s hot, huh? Your face is black very” or “You still like to eat, huh? The body is fat, isn’t it?” or “Makeupit doesn’t match, you look old very“.

Reason Beauty BullyingLack of Understanding Your Own Value

For your information, bullying like this is usually done by women to other women, either from family or friends, lo. So, don’t be surprised if fellow women mock each other about “beauty standards” which are actually not the same for everyone.

the importance of mental health

That’s why according to Nuran, as reported by girlbanget.idone of the biggest reasons beauty bullying This is because many women from ancient times were not used to being educated and given the understanding to judge their appearance only from the outside.

“This happens because women have never been given the space to put or express their aggression. It causes pent-up emotions and requires a place to convey it. So it seems like nyinyir. From there, a woman has thoughts about how to judge herself that is lacking. right,” he explained.

Korean drama about bullying

In fact, not all women’s self-worth can be generalized. Every woman must have its own privileges that other women do not have, so they cannot be compared.

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Negative Impact of Beauty Bullying

Just the name bullying, of course this can have a negative impact on people who receive this treatment. Launching from 1NEWS.co.idthe following are some of the negative impacts of beauty bullying.

1. Stress and Depression

Kiwil children cry because they are bullied

People who are victims of this type of bullying can be overstressed by constantly receiving negative comments. Well, prolonged stress can also cause depression in a person.

2. Withdraw from Association

Cognitive Depression

One sign of depression is withdrawing from social interactions. Those who are often bullied will generally isolate themselves from the outside world and prefer to be alone. This is because bullying made him distrust himself.

3. Always Feel Insecure

Always getting negative comments about her beauty, of course it makes someone become insecure. This feeling over time can make him have a negative view of himself.

4. Suicide Desire

type of depression

This is the most severe negative impact of beauty bullying. The desire to kill oneself (or even dare to do so) can arise because you can no longer stand the words of hurtful ridicule.

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How to Fight and Stop Beauty Bullying

Reported from Compasshere are the ways that Nuran suggested to fight and stop it from happening beauty bullying.

  • First, try to know yourself. Understand that each person’s character is different. Try not to constantly compare yourself to others.

What is Beauty Bullying?  Know the Bad Impact and How to Stop It

  • Second, do informing. The trick is to talk to yourself, give yourself an understanding that differences are natural and the definition of beautiful can be different in each person’s point of view. Therefore, Parents will not always think of themselves as lacking because in fact it is a relative thing.
  • Third, must care or love yourself. There are many ways that can be done, for example by doing body care, changing your dress style, starting to learn to dress up, or making yourself happy.

bullying on social media

  • Fourth, must be selective in socializing. Do not be afraid to be considered picky in making friends because it is better to choose a positive environment or community than a negative one. A positive environment will give you good spirit and values, compared to hanging out with negative people who are full of hate.

That’s the explanation of beauty bullying which is happening more and more nowadays. Hopefully Parents not be one of the perpetrators or even become a victim, yes.

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