7 Dating Culture in Japan, Are There Similarities to Indonesia?

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dating culture in japan

Japan is a country that is attached to its culture. Japanese people hold their culture very highly. Likewise when Japanese couples date. There is a dating culture in Japan which they usually always do.

7 Dating Cultures in Japan

When dating, couples in Japan generally do some of the following cultures. Here are 7 Japanese dating cultures that can be Parents know.

1. Go Together on the Weekend

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Japanese people who are dating will usually choose to spend time with their partners by going for walks together on weekends.

Couples usually do a variety of fun activities when they date on the weekends. Usually they can go all day you know.

Activities that are generally done by Japanese people on a date are going shopping, visiting amusement parks, to watching fireworks displays together. However, some couples also feel that it is enough if they have to go on a date in a cafe while having lunch together.

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2. Not showing affection in public

dating culture in japan

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Unlike Westerners, for Japanese people showing affection in public is something that should not be done. If only holding hands in public, Japanese people usually still do it.

However, if you make out to indulge in excessive intimacy, it is considered impolite. Moreover, Japanese people value privacy very much and tend to avoid Public Display of Affection or PDA to protect the relationship. For most Japanese, the couple would be considered to have no public morals and make those around them uncomfortable.

3. Prefer Dating at Home

Japanese dating culture

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Many Japanese people choose to spend their vacation time relaxing. So, don’t be surprised if many Japanese couples choose to date at home.

They tend to prefer to watch movies or play games at home. For Japanese people, spending time with a partner is more important than spending it with friends.

4. Have Awareness to Get Married

Have Awareness To Get Married

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Unlike Western people who think of marriage after they date and live together, in their 20s Japanese people usually have the awareness to get married. For Japanese people, being in a relationship with someone that doesn’t lead to marriage is just a waste of time.

It’s no wonder that Japanese people who have graduated from education and work will have long-term relationships with their partners and evaluate their partners through the stages in the relationship that is run.

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5. When Dating Prefers to Split Bill

dating culture in japan

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The next Japanese youth dating culture is to pay bills individually or the term is split bill. Japanese people grow up with mindset that dividing something equitably brings other things into balance.

In addition, with split bill they can improve personal relationship with each other. Usually men will pay the bill if there are special moments such as birthdays or anniversary.

6. Not Expressing Love Through Words

Not Expressing Love Through Words

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Japanese people generally have a shy nature. No wonder they find it difficult to express love through words. This is a unique feature of Japanese culture.

They usually will immediately understand that their partner knows about how they feel even without saying words like I love you.

7. If you meet your partner’s parents, the relationship will lead to marriage

If you meet your partner's parents, then the relationship will lead to marriage

Source: Pexels

If the Japanese relationship has led to the level of marriage, then they will invite their partner to meet their parents.

This is part of Japanese culture that many people do. Introducing your partner to your parents is a sign that the relationship is serious and will lead to marriage.

This is information about 7 Japanese dating cultures. Apparently, there are many things that are almost similar to the dating culture in Indonesia. Parents?

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