Accused of being a sugar daddy after having four children, Andika Pratama Confesses in front of Ussy Sulistiawaty: I feel sorry for Chika

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1NEWS, Brass —

After his name continued to be suspected of being Chandrika Chika’s sugar daddy, Andhika Pratama finally opened up about this.

The father of four children clearly denied that because the accusations were mere slander, Ussy Sulistiawaty’s husband also expressed his disappointment at Denny Darko for making unfounded assumptions so that he was suspected of being sugar daddy Chandrika Chika for no reason.

“The first I want to say, I want to say thank you very much and congratulations to the fortune teller. Because now you have become a conversation. And the second I do not know and I have never met you. Congratulations because now you have a stage,” said Andhika express displeasure at the fortune teller.

“As for the issue of being accused of being a sugar daddy, it’s very funny, at first I wasn’t bothered at all because I didn’t do it. The accusation is really not true. So this is an assumption that people then brought up on social media and I don’t know the fortune teller “I’m Ussy Difficultiawaty’s husband

In front of Ussy Sulistiawaty, he admitted that he felt sorry for Chandirka Chika because he received inappropriate rumors because of Denny Darko’s predictions, he also revealed that he did not know Chika, but had only met him once for work.

“For Chika herself, I feel sorry for her because she was dragged for so long because of people’s assumptions. I personally met Chika at that time, she was a guest star on Lapor Pak before going viral on TikTok. That was the first meeting and until now we have never met again, “added the father of four children.


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