Antonio Ruediger’s Farewell Letter Complimenting N’Golo Kante

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“Kante really impressed Ruediger. So what’s in it?”

1NEWSAntonio Ruediger has confirmed leaving Chelsea this summer. The 29-year-old player will expire and join Real Madrid. Not to forget, the German player wrote a farewell letter, which uniquely contained praise for N’Golo Kante.

Friday (20/5/2022) England time, Ruediger wrote an open letter to his Chelsea team-mates and loyal supporters of the club via The Players’ Tribune. “I don’t like breakups. But, I will try to make this one special, from the heart,” wrote Ruediger.

Before explaining his decision to leave. Among all his colleagues, Ruediger praised Kante with special words. He described himself as having a unique affinity with the French national team midfielder.

“Before I came to Chelsea, I had heard all the wonderful stories about him (Kante). They said he was always smiling. They said he still drives the old Mini Cooper. They say he never raises his voice,” Ruediger wrote at the start of his letter.

“But you know how football is, right? Nothing is really like that. There is too much pressure, too much disappointment. We are all human. Nothing is as cool all the time. No way. Then, I met N’Golo, ‘ wrote Rudiger.

“Everything I said to this guy, he would just look at me and nod his head, like he thought everything I said was really interesting. And he would do this. I don’t really know how to explain it on paper. You have to hear it every time I speak,” wrote the former AS Roma player.

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“Hey Kante, do you want to go find some food? Click, click. Gee, I really thought there was something wrong with him. One day, I finally asked him, ‘Kante why are you talking like that? What’s wrong with you, brother? said, ‘Excuse me?’ I said, ‘Click, bro!!! What’s wrong with you?’ He smiled. He said, ‘Ahhh, this is just a habit where I come from’. It’s Kante,” wrote Ruediger.

Then, at length and still excited, Ruediger continued his story about Kante. “Look, in the banlieue (village) where he grew up in Paris. They always make this sound. It’s like slang for ‘yes’. I don’t know how it started, but that’s what they do there,” wrote Ruediger.

“It’s like saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, okay, cool’. And, I think it’s really funny, because I come from a similar environment in Germany. But, I’ve never heard of anything like that in my life. All the time, I thought he was playing me!!!” Ruediger wrote.

Ruediger then revealed more information about Mini Cooper Kante’s that was famously simple, which he had since joining Leicester City in 2015 for a low price, which is a huge bargain when compared to its team-mate supercars.

“Everything is so far-fetched. Kante is simple. Even the Mini Cooper, people laugh at him. But, there’s a real story behind it. It was a dream for NG to reach the Premier League, coming from where he came from, and the Mini was the first car he bought. when he got to England. So, for him, it wasn’t just a car. It had a deep meaning,” Ruediger wrote.

“I tell people all the time. Some are humble. And, some are humble. And then there’s a N’Golo Kante,” wrote Ruediger.

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