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Alwi Slamat will take on a new assignment at Persebaya Surabaya. The player from Tulehu was appointed as the captain of the City of Heroes team.

This was known in a press conference session ahead of the Surabaya 729 Game. Persebaya secretary, Ram Surahman who leaked it.

In front of the media crew, Alwi Slamat said he was proud to be the captain of Persebaya. He is also ready to carry out the task well.

“It might be a matter of pride for me,” said Alwi Slamat in a press conference session, Saturday (21/05/2022).

“God willing, I can do what the coach tells me to do, I can embrace the children well and I can do everything well,” he continued.

On the same occasion, Alwi admitted that he couldn’t wait to meet Bonek. Considering that the Surabaya 729 Game will be attended by many spectators.

For Alwi, the presence of supporters is very important because their support is needed by the players. Moreover, they had not seen Bonek for two years.

“I am very happy that the dolls and bonita can be present at the stadium because it is our encouragement,” said Alwi.

Alwi himself is a player who has defended Persebaya for a long time. He has joined the City of Heroes team since the 2019 season.

Together with Muhammad Hidayat, Alwi is one of the senior players who are defended by the City of Heroes team. He will be a role model for Persebaya young players.

In the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 competition, Alwi Slamat is one of Persebaya’s mainstays. He appeared 28 times and contributed 1 goal and 3 assists. ( El Abdy)


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