commotion! Admits Vanessa Angel 4 Times Asking Her Love for Reply, Professor Bambang Saputra’s Real Relationship and Doddy Soedrajat’s Son Revealed!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Bambang Saputra recently succeeded in making the public squeamish because he admitted that the late Vanessa Angel had confessed his love 4 times but was rejected.

That’s because he denied the issue of the special relationship that occurred between him and the artist.

“If you say love dies, it’s reversed. From prison, Vanessa until the end of her life, that’s 4 times she expressed her love for me,” said Bambang, quoted from YouTube Intense Investigation, Saturday (21/5/2022).

Because he thought that Doddy Soedrajat’s eldest son was his younger brother, so he rejected his love. In fact, not wanting to be accused of lying, Bambang admitted that he had evidence that could substantiate his words.

“This is just my clarification. There is chat evidence, there is also letter evidence. But I don’t need to exaggerate in the media,” said Bambang.

In fact, he also admitted that he often helped Vanessa because she considered Gala Sky’s mother like her biological sister.

“On the encouragement of my younger brother, that’s why I took care of it. The real brother takes care of everything so that the problem is straight, he was released from prison, he didn’t have insurance, so he had insurance,” continued Bambang.

One of the triggers for the emergence of slanted news about the relationship between Bambang Saputra and Vanessa Angel in the past was because of the 40 daily photos of Bibi Ardiansyah’s wife that were displayed by her father, Doddy.


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