Extraordinary! Indonesian contingent buys gold for canoe/kayak 2021 SEA Games

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“This is proof that “maritime nations” are not mere claims. Congratulations!”

1NEWS – Indonesia’s status as “maritime country” turned out to be proven by achievements in the field SEA Games 2021, water sports are the two biggest contributors to gold medals. After rowing presented a total of eight gold medals, now canoe/kayak handed over six pieces.

Indonesian canoe/kayak team performed exceptionally on the last day of the race at Hai Phong Rowing and Canoeing Center, Saturday (21/5/2022). Right on Reformation Day, three golds were successfully presented.

The first gold canoe/kayak came from the 500m kayak 4 men driven Maizir Riyondra, Mugi Harjito, Joko Andriyantoand Andri Agus Mulyana. They performed superbly to beat the Thai quartet, Aphisit Thamom, Methasit Sitthipharat, Praison Buasamrong, and Aditep Srichart.

This victory was also followed by the women’s team who managed to steal gold from the 500m kayak 4 thanks to a good performance Raudani Fitra, Love Nayomi, Ana Rahayuand Stevany Maysche Ibo. They beat Vietnamese heroes, Do Thi Thanh Thao, Ngo Phuong Thao, Luong Thi Dung, and Ngo Thi Thu Hien.

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And, the struggle of the troops Garuda covered by gold from Nurmeni, Sella Olce, Riska Andriyaniand Dayumin from the number 200m canoe 4 women. Indonesia only lost a medal on the last day of the women’s individual 200m canoe after Devina Safitri finished fourth.

With this result, the Indonesian canoe/kayak squad has achieved its target at the 2021 SEA Games for successfully collecting six gold, eight silver and three bronze.

What is even more impressive is that canoeing/kayaking and rowing are two of the three sports that contributed the most to gold. Prior to the canoe/kayak racing, the rowing had already contributed eight gold and six silver. While another sport that also contributed six gold is shooting.

(andri ananto/you)