Held Training in Bima, KemenKopUKM Targets Equitable Digitization for Micro Enterprises

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ACCURATE.CO The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (KemenKopUKM) through the Deputy for Micro Business held digital training for micro business actors in Bima City, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Secretary of the Deputy for Micro Business, KemenKopUKM AH Novie when opening an e-commerce training for micro business actors in Bima said this training became a digital literacy media and a forum for increasing the capacity of micro business actors.

It is hoped that it will also be able to encourage and increase the number of digital onboarding micro businesses in Bima.

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“The economic potential of Bima as a trade hub for products and services at the eastern end of NTB is actually quite large, it only needs development from various sides, one of which is digital training or e-commerce,” said AH Novie.

Novie said KemenKopUKM intensively conducts e-commerce training, especially in Eastern Indonesia areas to encourage even distribution of efforts to digitize micro-enterprises throughout Indonesia.

Digital training for KUKM is part of the support for accelerating the implementation of digitization, which is a priority program of the KemenKopUKM.

Novie said Bima City, known as the City of Waterfront, is geographically located at the eastern end of West Nusa Tenggara Province. Even though it is located at the eastern tip of Sumbawa Island, this geographical position is economically beneficial for Bima City and has an effect on the economic development of Bima City.

“Especially with the sea highway that connects Bima City with the second largest city in Indonesia, namely Surabaya (East Java) and also with Labuan Bajo (NTT). Bima Port is one of the most important trade links in the entire trade process in Bima City,” said Novie.

Bima is recorded to have more than 11 thousand MSMEs throughout the city. From BPS data (2020) the number of cooperatives in Bima is around 85 cooperative units, 44 active units and 34 inactive units.


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