In order to keep their partner’s feelings, these 9 artists refuse the kiss scene. Sweet, huh~

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The high competition in the entertainment world makes many artists willing to accept any scene. One of them is the kissing scene in the film. But apparently, not all artists want intimate scenes like that.

Not because they are unprofessional in their work, but because they have principles that need to be respected. These artists refuse kissing scenes to protect their partner’s feelings. Because they are worried that their partner will feel sad and jealous when they see the scene.

The following is a list of artists who refuse kissing scenes in order to protect their partner’s feelings. This principle does not hinder their careers, it makes them even more soaring in the world of entertainment. Let’s see!

1. Despite refusing kissing scenes, Iko Uwais can become an outstanding actor who has penetrated Hollywood. He admits that he is uncomfortable when he has to kiss someone other than his wife

Iko Uwais poses intimately with his wife via

2. Since becoming the wife of conglomerate Ardi Bakrie, Nia Ramadhani has not received a film offer with a kiss scene. Because Nia can’t bear to imagine her husband’s expression and reaction when he sees her making out with another man

Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie via

3. Already having four children, Joanna Alexandra refuses to act out a kiss scene to protect her husband’s feelings. It turns out that he has applied that principle since he was still single lo~

Joanna Alexandra’s happiness with her husband and four children via

4. Starting to work in the entertainment world at the age of 15, Titi Kamal has acted in dozens of films. But she refuses films that require kissing scenes in order to protect the feelings of her husband, Christian Sugiono

Yes, Christian Sugiono and Titi Kamal via

5. Just like his wife, Christian Sugiono also doesn’t want to do kissing scenes with other people. Because he wanted to keep Titi’s feelings. So sweet yes this couple~

Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono look great via

6. Since marrying Zaskia Sungkar, Irwansyah has been more selective in his career. He doesn’t accept movies that require him to kiss and hug scenes with other women

Irwansyah and Zaskia Sungkar via

7. Since I was single, Ge Pamungkas did not want to act out the kiss scene. Now he still maintains that principle to keep the feelings of the wife he loves

Ge Pamungkas and his wife via

8. While playing the role of a gay man, Tora Sudiro had kissing scenes with fellow men. But he firmly refuses to have a kissing scene with the opposite sex, because he wants to maintain harmony with his wife

The intimacy of Tora Sudiro and his wife via

9. Success thanks to his acting in the film IP Man, Donnie Yen turned out to be a rare actor in Hollywood. The reason is, Donnie refuses to act out the kiss scene because he doesn’t want to make his wife sad

Donnie Yen and his wife look great together via

That’s a row of artists who refuse kissing scenes in order to keep their partner’s feelings. So sweet yes they are! Hopefully with this principle, the relationship of these artists will always be harmonious with their partners. Hopefully their careers in the entertainment world will also accelerate!


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