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The following is a list of 30 Persis Solo ammunition in preparation for the trial against Persebaya Surabaya.

As is known, Persis will have a test match against Persebaya in a series of celebrating the 729 year anniversary of the City of Surabaya.

The match, entitled Surabaya 729 Game, can certainly be a means of preparation for Persis Solo or Persebaya in welcoming Liga 1 2022 later.

Exactly Solo, who was promoted to League 1 after winning Liga 2 2021, of course needed an opponent to challenge his squad when competing.

Likewise, Persebaya Surabaya was the last to finish in fifth place in the 2021 Liga 1 final standings.

The Exact duel against Persebaya is not only expected to be a means of preparation for the two teams ahead of Liga 1 2022.

In addition, the battle was also awaited by their respective supporters because it was allowed to be attended by spectators in the stadium.

Bearing in mind, it has been almost two years since supporters of each Indonesian League club have only been able to watch their favorite team compete on a small screen due to the widespread spread of the corona virus in the country.

So, the Persis Solo versus Persebaya match in the trial match titled Surabaya 729 game is worth waiting for.

The plan is that Persis’s trial match against Persebaya will take place at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, Surabaya, East Java.

The test match, which provides 33,750 tickets, will kick off at 16.00 WIB, 22 May 2022.

During his visit to the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, Jacksen F Tiago’s Persis Solo has announced which players he will bring ahead of trying out Persebaya Surabaya.

This was announced by Persis through his Instagram upload on May 20, 2022.

The team with the nickname Laskar Sambernyawa was informed that it brought 30 pillars in looking at the test match against Persebaya.

The following are the 30 Persis Solo ammunition in question:

Muhammad Riyandi (goalkeeper)
Pancar Nur Widiastono (goalkeeper)
Gianluca Pandenyuwu (goalkeeper)
Fabiano Beltrame (central defender)
Andri Ibo (central defender)
Rian Miziar (central defender)
Fajar Zainul Mutaqqin (central defender)
Faqih Maulana (left wing-back)
Kevin Gomes (left wing back)
Eky Taufik (right wing defender)
Gavin Kwan (right wing-back)
Dika Kuswardani (right wing defender)
Alfath Fathier (right wing-back)
Abduh Lestaluhu (left wing defender)
Yulius Pamungkas (right wing-back)
Nadhief Girasta (defender)
Taufik Febriyanto (defending midfielder)
Kanu Helmiawan (defending midfielder)
Chrystna Bhagascara (defending midfielder)
Firmansyah (defensive midfielder)
Sutanto Tan (midfielder)
Arapenta Linka (attacking midfielder)
Hamsa Lestaluhu (attacking midfielder)
Zanadin Fariz (midfielder)
Shulton Dawn (defensive midfielder)
Arif Agung (defensive midfielder)
Irfan Afghoni (midfielder)
Samsul Arif (attacker)
Ferdinand Sinaga (forward)
Althaf Indie (forward)


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