Making the whole country suspicious, this is Raffi Ahmad’s ‘special’ treatment to Mimi Bayuh! Nagita Slavina’s Heartache…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Although the household of Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad is far from the issue of quarrels or divorce, their household is not free from the issue of infidelity.

Raffi is now often rumored to be dating another woman during marriage. Not long ago, the issue of his affair with Nita Gunawan just calmed down. However, the name Mimi Bayuh, the financial assistant reappears.

Raffi’s behavior towards Mimi is suspected to be very special and different from other employees such as Mbak Lala, who is known to be very close to their family.

The sultan of Andara is accused of taking the financial assistant and his family to Makassar by private jet.

This rumor is reinforced by the video evidence of Raffi’s closeness to Mimi’s family.

In the video, you can’t see the figure of Nagita and her two children, who usually always accompany her husband when he travels far away.

The video was uploaded to the @danunyinyir9reborn999 account which shows Raffi smiling at the camera with Mimi’s family.

“Everything is healthy,” said Raffi Ahmad.

“Bye,” said Mimi Bayuh.

“Thank you, Aa, I’ve been transported on the plane, hopefully God will reply,” someone said.

“Amen,” said Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh’s entourage.

Apart from the video on the plane, the family moments shared by Mama Ami were also in the spotlight. The reason is, there you can see the figure of Raffi with his younger siblings and his mother meeting each other.


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