Nagita Slavina Too Patient? Raffi Ahmad bluntly calls his wife a soft target when angry!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Although he often appears cheerful and full of fun, the figure of Raffi Ahmad also often admits to being annoyed and angry.

Apparently, when he feels uncomfortable and sensitive, Raffi likes to vent his frustration on his wife, Nagita Slavina.

“Surely the first one who got scolded was the wife. That was the first easy target,” said Raffi Ahmad, quoted from the YouTube Interrogation Room, Saturday (21/5/2022).

Even so, Raffi admitted that he was very grateful to be united with Nagita, who really knows her mood and knows very well about herself. However, he did not deny that it had been done by another woman in his past.

“Yes, my exes, because my exes must have been angry with me,” he said.

The Sultan of Andara also admitted that he only wanted to reveal his sensitive nature with those closest to him. He doesn’t want people he just met to feel uncomfortable and even hurt by his behavior when Raffi starts to let out his bad habits.

“If I don’t feel comfortable with that person, I’m afraid if I want to get angry, ah, this person will be hurt, right?” said the Boss of RANS Entertainment.


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