Nagita Slavina’s Heart Slices! Raffi Ahmad slips into ‘snacks’, admits he regrets unloading delinquency: After being with Nagita…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Promiscuity may often occur when emotions are still unstable and curiosity is very high. Apparently, this did not escape the trapping of Indonesian artists.

Raffi Ahmad is one of them. He apparently admitted to having committed juvenile delinquency in his youth, free sex for example.

He revealed this to Sule, a comedian on his YouTube channel, Sule Channel which aired on Tuesday (9/2/2021).

“Ever had casual sex?” asked Sule as quoted from Okezone, Saturday (21/5/2022).

“Yes (ever), I used to be whatever,” said Raffi, laughing.

Nathalie Holscher’s husband also said that Raffi is a person who is very open about his personal life and made the presenter aware that he was slipping for revealing this.

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have said that,” said Raffi again.

Even so, Nagita Slavina’s husband admitted that he no longer does this and doesn’t even want to repeat his actions because now he has been blessed with children and a good wife.

“After being with Nagita, I (quit). Thank God I was given life, given health, and given thought. Now, especially since we have children, we have to be right,” he said.


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