Not yet blessed with children after three years of marriage, Denny Darko alludes to Syahrini’s behavior towards Luna Maya in the past: Unforgivable

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1NEWS, Brass —

Syahrini and Reino Barack’s household has always been an interesting topic to talk about. This is because, after three years of marriage, Reino Barack and Syahrini have not been blessed with a child from their marriage.

In connection with this news, the well-known astrologer Denny Darko also predicted what would happen to the couple who married in 2019 in Japan, they still have not had children.

Denny Darko suddenly mentioned the past relationship that existed between Syahrini and Reino Barack with Luna Maya, an ex-girlfriend who was left married by Syahrini’s husband for the singer of ‘Something’.

“What was done to Luna Maya yesterday was considered to be snatching while they were still dating and is this an unforgivable crime. Even though maybe Luna Maya herself has not thought about this,” said Denny Darko in his Youtube show.

Denny Darko finally told the results of his prediction, according to him, Syahrini’s past relationship with Luna Maya would not cause any problems, the fortune teller also said that Syahrini and Reino Barack’s household would last forever.


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