Persija Jakarta Officially Releases Rohit Chand on the Transfer Exchange | 1NEWS

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Persija Jakarta has released another player, this time its most trusted player from Nepal, Rohit Chand.

The shocking news came from Persija Jakarta headquarters.

Because Persija Jakarta officially released Rohit Chand on Saturday (21/5/2022).

The news of the release of the Nepalese player was confirmed via an upload on the club’s official Instagram account.

“That farewell, finally had to happen ????,” quoted from the club’s official post.

“See you next time, Mr. Chand ????????.”

Persija Jakarta certainly releases Rohit Chand’s departure emotionally.

Persija Jakarta replayed his past interview about Rohit Chand’s wishes after retiring from football.

He wants to watch Persija Jakarta from the supporters’ bench after retiring from football.

“I have played for Persija for a very long time, I always have good memories until now,”

“I know in my heart and mind Persija is always there,” said Rohit Chand in his farewell video on the club’s official Instagram account.

“When I retire, I want to be able to watch the Persija match live, as Jakmania from Nepal.”

“Thanks for everything, Rohit Chand.”

The reason is, Rohit Chand himself is counted as the most loyal player at the Persija club.

Rohit Chand has joined Persija Jakarta since 2014.

His name has always been identified with the permanent residents of Persija Jakarta’s midfield so far.

He managed to get everything while at Persija Jakarta.

He was noted to have won the 2018 League 1 Player of the Year award.

For his team, he has contributed 1 Liga 1 title (2018), 1 President’s Cup title (2018), 1 Menpora Cup title (2021), and 1 Three Nations Cup title in Malaysia (2018).


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